US investment and vacation properties with amazing income potential! Find out how you can buy US property using RRSP money and incur minimal taxes!

Florida beach property just $18,000 to own.

This lovely property is only 5 minutes away from the beach. You can own it for just $18,000!

Cost to Own $18,000
Rent $1,200
Expenses $935.75
Annual Cashflow $3,171
Appreciation $27,500 (29.73%)
ROI in 1 Year 43.51%
These properties are being sold for as low as $34,997.

These and similar properties are available for as low as $42,997

Cost to Own $42,997 and up
Rent $600
Expenses $380
Annual Cashflow $2,640
Appreciation in 1 Year $10,003 (28.58%)
ROI in 1 Year 43.84%

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American flag and beach.