PAY LESS INTEREST: Become a Debt-Free Homeowner Years Sooner

As a Canadian homeowner, do you feel the pain of living paycheque to paycheque just trying to keep up with debt payments and ever-increasing cost of living? Perhaps you're getting by, but you can't get ahead because you're stuck for the next decade or so paying a large chunk of your income to creditors. The reality is, as long as you're paying on their terms, you may never get ahead.

Take back control of your finances

Are you ready to start paying on your terms? Join the PAY LESS INTEREST info session and discover how this amazing program has helped thousands of Canadian Homeowners just like you fast-track to being debt-free years sooner while also building an emergency plan and a tax-free retirement supplement. All without spending any more than you are today.

PAY LESS INTEREST Info Session — Here's what to expect

  • An informative 1-hour presentation that will outline in detail an improved system that will put cash back in your hands, rather than the hands of your creditors
  • How fees are structured so that there are no out-of-pocket expenses
  • How you can create a 9-12 month emergency fund AND a TAX-FREE Pension supplement all without spending any more money than you are today
  • Wealth building opportunities that will significantly improve your bottom line
  • IMPORTANT CHANGES happening in 2017 that will make it tougher for you to save and WHY YOU NEED TO ACT NOW!

The PAY LESS INTEREST info session is absolutely free to attend, but you must register in advance as seating is limited. If you want to help a friend or family member become debt-free sooner, be sure to invite them.

Go straight to the application

If you've already attended the Info Session or you simply can't wait to get started, you may access the application form here.