Financial Success Summit

Pay less tax and keep more money in your pocket:

  • Generate incredible refunds through little-known secrets
  • Utilize everyday expenses to keep more money in your pocket
  • Uncover the secrets the wealthy use to pay minimal taxes
  • Find the hidden gifts in your tax return

Upgrade yourself — become a Smart Investor:

  • Hidden costs the banks don't want you to know
  • Generate profits no matter what state the market is in
  • Level the playing field with the rich and access the same incredible investment opportunities
  • How to access your RRSPs virtually tax-free!

Get on the fast track to being debt-free:

  • Find out how to be debt-free years sooner without making extra payments
  • Free up money to build your emergency fund as well as a tax-free retirement supplement
  • Fix your credit rating

Amazing Speakers

  • Keynote speaker/instructor: Craig Dunkerley is an international #1 best-selling author who has made it his mission to help as many Canadians as possible to become millionaires
  • A line-up of phenomenal speakers, including Ryan Mitchell and Claudia Harvey
  • Learn from the top speakers on a wide range of topics to help you grow and get ahead in life

How To Pay Less Tax and Fix Your Investments

CEO and founder of Blackthorn Group, Craig Dunkerley, believes that everyone should have the financial freedom to be able to spend every day of their lives doing what they want to do. With deep conviction, Craig has made it his mission to help as many Canadians as possible become millionaires and, even better, retire as millionaires! His clients have gone from struggling to building their income and reaching financial success.

As an expert investor and successful owner of multiple businesses, Craig possesses vast financial experience and knowledge which he feels is his responsibility to share. To that end, Craig has become one of Canada’s foremost speaker and international best-selling author, spreading financial enlightenment and empowering Canadians to transform their lives for the better. He is especially passionate about helping youth and has spoken at schools as well as judging for DECA at numerous local and international competitions.

I Have an Idea (...Now What?)

Claudia Harvey is Co-Founder and CEO of Dig It® Apparel Inc. Dig It launched sales in 2009, and entered the Dragons' Den (CBC's top-rated flagship business program) to face the scrutiny of the Dragons. One of the few women to successfully strike "A Deal with the Dragon" with venture capitalist Kevin O'Leary, Dig It struck a deal in Season 4 and has seen considerable national retail growth.
Understanding what drive entrepreneurs and business owners and the challenges they may encounter in both personal and business life, Claudia created a strategic consulting company, On The Verge. On The Verge enables any business to land, be completely supported, move ahead with confidence to the next stage of evolution and thrive.

Through her journey as a businesswoman, mother of 3 and entrepreneur, Claudia believes in paying it forward! Sitting on numerous boards of charity and dedicated to empowering women, she co-founded Let-It-Go, a destination Mastermind Retreat for women hosted in the Mayan Riviera. This retreat is a week-long intensive event designed to help women overcome the challenges in life and business that may hold them back all the while meeting like-minded women who are committed to developing success in every aspect of their life!

A sought-after international speaker, Claudia has shared events with the likes of Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Bill Walsh, Jim Treliving and many more notable experts in their field.

Claudia's story has been recounted in publications such as The Globe and Mail, Report on Business, The Toronto Star, The Financial Times, The Women of Distinction Magazine and more. A contributing author to two No. 1 International Best Selling books, Success Hackers: Cracking the Entrepreneurial Code and Empowering Women to Succeed: Tough Times Don't Last But Tough Women Do, she hopes to inspire, empower and help others reach their potential!

Debt-free On Your Terms

Ryan Mitchell is the President of Coach4CashFlow and the Program Architect of Blackthorn Group’s Pay Less Interest program. As a successful financial advisor, stock trader and manager of companies ranging from start-up businesses to large multi-billion dollar publicly traded banks, Ryan has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for dozens of companies via unique social and customized solutions. Utilizing his expertise, individuals and companies around the globe have been able to discover newly uncovered money, eliminate debt or are rewarded with a tax break. Ryan is a husband, father of three, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and author of the book “How to Borrow Your Way Out of Debt”. Ryan has helped build homes, schools and churches on twelve humanitarian mission trips to developing nations. His ongoing mission is to educate Canadians on their debt, made possible in part, by his success in the world of finance, his vast network of experts including his mentor Robert Kiyosaki (author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"), and his experience as a combat veteran in the Canadian Army.

Special Guests

Discover products and opportunities that can help you reach your goals

Legal Services Specialist

Know your rights! Amanda can help. Amanda has become known as a "connector" who is an event planner and is also very passionate about the law. As a Legal Services Specialist, Amanda is focused on protecting families and businesses so they can worry less and live more. If you don't know your rights, you don't have any! Let Amanda help you with your legal rights!

Nutritional Consultant

Who doesn't want to feel great? That's the reason Cyndy’s journey led her to where she is now. Although an active wife, mother of two and grandmother of five, Cyndy had unbearable pain from her neck down. Because doctors were unsuccessful in treating her, Cyndy searched for alternatives. After only three weeks of using whole food nutritional products, Cyndy started feeling better and had more energy. Within only a couple of months, she was pain free! Cyndy’s passion is now to share these amazing whole food nutritional products with others to empower them to feel their best.

Live Clean Specialists

Joanne and Claudio's mission is to TRANSFORM EVERY HOME INTO A "LIVE CLEAN" HOUSEHOLD! This dynamic duo are representatives of a global company, that seeks to deliver innovative products for your personal care, health & wellness and household care. Everyone wants products that are safe for them AND safe for the environment! You can learn to "live clean" by talking with Joanne and Claudio.