Blackthorn Group Affiliate Program

If you are going to refer us, why not get paid for it? Earn Income By Joining Our Affiliate Program. Our affiliate program is systematized to allow you to earn a fee on the sale of our training programs, services, and seminars. One of the major benefits of our program is having access to affiliate tools, custom keyword links, and promotional materials. We also send you sample affiliate emails for upcoming events that you can simply forward to your mailing list. Please read below for all the details.

  • Step #1: Join our affiliate program by filling out the form
  • Step #2: Once you have joined the program, you can log into your affiliate account using all of the promotional materials that are available to you to promote training programs and services.
  • Step #3: Now sit back, relax and collect those cheques.

Blackthorn pays up to 10% for referrals for our services. The more people that you refer the more you can earn! If you refer someone who becomes a bookkeeping client, you will receive 5% of any income that we receive from them. For example, if you refer Sally and Sally becomes a bookkeeping client, you will receive 5% of the income we receive when we invoice Sally. So if we invoice Sally for a payment of $1000, we will write you a $50 cheque. If you refer anyone to our seminars or courses, you will earn 10% of the registration fees (once the registrant has paid in full). As you send people to Blackthorn you earn. It is so easy!

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before referring anyone.

  1. Are they looking to change their financial situation?
  2. Are they looking to start their own business?
  3. Are they hoping to leave their job?
  4. Do they have circles of influence?
  5. Do they have their own business?
  6. Are they looking to maximize their tax savings

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions then our affiliate program is for you. This is a great opportunity for you earn extra income. Joining our affiliate program is a very simple process. Once you join our affiliate program all conversions are tracked by your unique affiliate code.

How Does This Work?

When you promote any of our courses, services, and training to your list of subscribers or through your website using a unique affiliate code, your code will be tracked by our system when someone clicks on your link directing them to Blackthorn Group’s websites. Then, if they purchase any of our paid programs we will associate your unique affiliate tracking code to everyone who clicked your unique affiliate links.

*Note: Blackthorn Group does not guarantee conversion of your referrals. However, we try our best to enroll, educate and inform. It is up to your referrals to make their own decision to sign up for our courses. Lastly, the names and emails of those you refer are for the strict usage of Blackthorn Group and will not be shared or sold to any other company.